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College student spared in rollover accident involving 2 vehicles

Mad River Township, Ohio was the location of a severe car accident that involved a young man who was returning to college. While driving on Interstate 70, the young man was clipped by a pickup truck that was hauling a large trailer.

The collision sent the young man's car into the center divider, eventually tossing it around in a rollover accident that totaled the car and significantly caved in the roof.

Amazingly -- and thankfully -- the young man only suffered minor injuries in the wreck, and the driver in the pickup truck was unharmed. Law enforcement officials will look into the wreck before making a determination on fault, but it appears that this crash was the true definition of an "accident." No alcohol or drugs are suspected to be involved, and police did not cite the pickup driver for the crash.

Often in rollover accidents, the injuries to the victims are very serious. A common injury in rollover accidents is a traumatic brain injury, something that can dramatically affect a person's ability to function normally in everyday life and can take months (if not years) to fully heal. These effects can cause the loss of enjoyment of life and hamper a person's ability to find work or perform activities they used to do on a normal basis.

Victims of rollover accidents or a traumatic brain injury need to consider civil litigation against the party at fault for their condition. Money may not get rid of a TBI or the serious pain some victims feels in the wake of an accident -- but it can help the victim pay for their recovery, as well as for the things they lost as a result of the wreck.

Source: WHIO, "Car sent rolling into median in I-70 crash," Nov. 19, 2012

  • To learn more about what kind of litigation victims of motor vehicle wrecks can seek, please visit our Dayton car accident page.

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