Auto Accident Smartphone App

Elk Auto Accident Assitant

Remembering the facts and details of an auto accident is not always an easy task for motorists who become traumatized by a car accident. That’s why the Dayton injury lawyers at Elk & Elk have created the user-friendly Auto Accident Assistant to help you keep track all the information related to your car wreck.

Auto Accident Assistant allows you to:

  • Log vehicle information. App supports more than one vehicle.
  • Document accident information anytime, anywhere. This includes information of other parties involved, police, witnesses, claim number, weather and other miscellaneous factors.
  • Capture and attach photos to your accident report.
  • Retrieve your location within seconds.
  • Access your accident log and history.
  • Find nearby towing and taxi services.
  • Call emergency contacts, such as 911, personal contacts and/or Elk & Elk’s Dayton personal injury attorneys.
  • E-mail a PDF version of your accident report and images to your insurance company and/or Elk & Elk.

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