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$2,000,000Failure to intervene on breathing problems leads to respiratory arrest and permanent brain injury.
$1,500,000Medical malpractice leads to death from heart attack.
$410,000Routine visit with untreated chest pains and shortness of breath results in death of client.
$255,000Passenger in vehicle suffered ruptured spleen, fractured coccyx, and acetabulum after defendant lost control and struck a pole.
$100,000Client struck with vehicle while walking results in lacerations, abrasions, fractures and road rash.
$75,000Client was attacked by dog leading to a laceration of the left forearm and wrist resulting in stitches and plastic surgery.
$40,000Client was struck by vehicle after defendant failed to yield resulting in neck pain and torn ligaments in shoulder.
$38,000Motorcycle collision causes serious injury after driver went left of center hitting our client.